Avoiding Dental Visits

It’s no secret that countless patients aren’t fond of visiting the dentist. Whether it’s due to your personal anxiety or putting off an issue that should be addressed, it may have been some time since you’ve gone to the dentist and now it’s time! Scheduling an appointment with our family dentist in Tampa is a huge hurdle to make, but first let’s break down the worries and fears and why battling these issues is the best choice for your smile.
Finding the Perfect Dentist
One of the many difficulties patients run into is finding the best dentist that’s right for their oral health. When searching for a professional in your area, the results may be overwhelming! This is where it’s important to know what you’re looking for when it comes to a dental professional like our family dentist in Tampa.
When visiting a website, be sure it has all these things:
Easy, simple, and quick accessibility
The information you need upfront – phone number, address, etc.
The dental services or procedures you need or may look for in the future
Helpful information about the staff and office environment
Your goals deserve to be met and your worries deserve to be addressed. Our staff understands that every patient has their own concerns when it comes to their dental health and we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We pride ourselves in carrying an open dialogue with every patient to ensure their needs are being heard and met. There is no wrong or uninformative question – we encourage you to ask any and everything you’re wondering so we can provide the knowledge you need for a healthier smile.
Why Avoiding the Dentist is a Costly Choice
There are numerous dental problems that go by unnoticed, getting worse and worse until it becomes painful! Therefore, we highly encourage visiting every six months for a routine cleaning and check-up. While brushing and flossing regularly is helpful, there are areas that even this daily routine can’t properly clean. Your teeth may look great and feel great, but there is constant bacterial buildup that can only be cleaned off by a professional.
If you’ve experienced a sharp pain in your tooth, only for it to go away after a moment, this is still worthy of addressing to our family dentist in Tampa. These are warning signs, your smile trying to tell you that something is wrong, so just because the pain goes away doesn’t mean it won’t come back. We want all patients to tell us every sharp, dull, short, or long-lasting pain they’ve experienced so we can address it as early as possible and get your dental health back on the right track.
By avoiding going to the dentist every six months, every year, and longer, your smile may not be the only thing that suffers. Your oral health is well connected to your overall health, so if there’s an untreated infection, it may lead into your bloodstream. As time goes on, complications will continue to arise, so visiting our office for a thorough exam goes a long way.
The priority of our family dentist in Tampa is to provide a healthy and long-lasting smile for every patient that walks through our doors. Give our office a call at (813) 406-4947 to discuss when your last appointment was, what your concerns are, and we’ll work together to restore and improve your dental health. It’s not too late to have the smile you want!